Entrepreneurs pilot group

founder of the pharmaceutical company Provepharme and investor in start-ups. Initiator of “Dégun sans stage” to help pupils from vulnerable neighbourhoods to get a meaningful internship in companies

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founder of Profil rope technicians and former chairman of the employers’ organisation Cap au Nord Entreprendre. Provides staff for street art projects.

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founder Synergie Family, a start-up in innovation of education with more than 800 employees. Various projects to support young people in vulnerable neigh-bourhoods, such as the talent village “L’Epopée” in the old Ricard office buildings.

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former director of the catering company Table de Cana. With “Des Etoiles et des Femmes”, women with cooking talent from vulnerable neighbourhoods follow an apprenticeship with star chefs.

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founder of 13A’typiek, a textile company that employs refugees.

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director of residential care centre De Witte Meren in Mol. Employs staff in an inclusive and innovative way.

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founder of the food company Gomad. Recruits refugees.

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founder of The Big C, a coffee brand and coffee bars for and with young cancer patients.

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founder One Life. Guides women and young people in their strength.

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founder Bakkerswerkplaats and Bouwerswerkplaats. Works with mildly mentally handicapped and other vulnerable groups in a bakery and construction company.

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founder of Talentfabriek010, with which she gives vulnerable women a meaning and purpose in their lives.

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ex-convict who, together with a police officer, founded Heilige Boontjes, a coffee roasting company and coffee bars with young ex-convicts.

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founder of Mono, a nightclub and cultural house for young inbetween-ers (young people with various cultural backgrounds).

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Project members

eva ernst

Enthusiast about inspiring others to become impact driven entrepreneurs, always in for a coffee and some steps forward and brainstorming into the next big project.

Reach out via eva.ernst@blenders.be

lisa mans

All over everything having to do with creating that mindset that allows various people to blend and work together, combined with a hinch of communication expertise.

Reach out via lisam@i-diverso.be

joke quintens

Driving force behind numerous big transnational projects within which participants meet and reinforce each other based on solidarity, rebeliousness and believe in a better future. Reach out via Wetopia.

dirk chauvaux

Storyteller and storygatherer, with patience and curiosity accompanying him on his path to bring stories to light and connection between people, writer of books, scenarios and sreenplays. Reach out via Wetopia.

wim van ammel

Big believer in inclusive organizations and the potential of change from within, organizer of trainings on inclusive HR, coaching, job design, always ready to network in order to make the labour market a more inclusive place. Reach out via wimVA@i-diverso.be.

bie bijnens

Visionary who believes in realizing big dreams by small steps and in a way that encompasses all. Reach out via bieb@webwerkt.be