Online inspiration session: Arian de Wit – Bakkersgasten

Storefront Bakkersgasten

7 june – Online via Teams – 12u30 tot 13u30


Arian de Wit knows from experience how passion, craft and employment opportunities can go hand in hand. Bakkersgasten is ready to conquer Ghent’s hearts and taste buds. Curious about the recipe? Then join this online inspiration session!



What’s his story?


Arian de Wit had enough. The baker’s trade was no longer necessary for him… The workload, which is all about producing and ensuring that the shops are full by 7 am. Until about five years ago he ended up at the Bakkerswerkplaats “We are Rotterdam” of Lisette Magis.


There he got and found his passion again. The smell of fresh bread and the making of beautiful products. But here they not only made beautiful products, they also contributed something. Making people happy and giving them opportunities. Now, five years later, he wants to do this in Ghent. Starting a bakery where it’s not about hard numbers and deadlines, even if there is of course turnover, but where it adds something extra to the lives of others.


Are you curious?


Are you curious about his experience in Rotterdam and his plans with Bakkersgasten in Ghent? Then definitely register for this online inspiration session on Tuesday 7 June from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.


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