I look at the world, but start from the challenges and opportunities in my region.

"It is not charity. The region gives something to the company: place, people and structures. Then it is up to the company, which has done well in the region, to do something in return. (...) An entrepreneur once said that you cannot make a profit in an area that is losing."
"If you don't believe in the potential of the area, don't come. (...) If you were born in Marseille, you have this very special bond with this city. A little bit of Marseille that always runs through your veins. That's why you want to be useful to your city. Marseille made me grow. Marseille has nourished me. It is the city of my heart. I have my roots there and it gives me wings."
"The logical thing is to start in your own region and create a ripple from there. If my butterfly flutters here, it can also create a storm in Sao Paulo."
"A city is only attractive when everyone who lives or stays there feels happy. When do you become happy? When you are allowed to participate."