"The Big C was built with all those little building blocks from the young people. At first, they got nothing in return but a family, a community. The feeling that they were doing something of value and were no longer just seen as patients."
"I compare it to climbing a mountain. My goal is to reach the top of the moun-tain. I can do that alone. Then I stand there and I can take pictures. No, you want to stand there with a group of people."

I am guided by the basic principles of marketing. I develop actions for which there is a need and which have no or insufficient solutions.

"This is a very entrepreneurial principle. It is the basis of all marketing. I look at the needs of my customers and make products that meet those needs. There is no point in supplying things that people don't need."
"Employing this lady gave a return beyond offering her a job. Her children can now say at school: my mum works. That gives her a different status but it also gives those children a different status. The children can dress decently again, so they are less bullied."
"Yes, we are training a woman, but at the same time we see that their chil-dren go back to school and do better there. Her power also grows because she has money. She can now make choices for herself and her family. Through such a project you change whole families."