"Every entrepreneur wants to create impact. It starts with the contribution you want to make. The impact comes later. You have no control over that. But you do have control over your contribution."
"You can't focus exclusively on social impact. You need a global vision.”

I want to see results when I take action. I also want that if I am socially involved. I look for opportunities that make things change/move.

"We have a problem and we are going to solve it. (...) If you focus on the impact of your solution, you can go further and scale it up. (...) The impact is important, measure it if possible, but also correct it if it does not go as it should."
"You have to create impact that is really on the mark and visible. Results must also be visible quickly."
François Ranise
"Impact is important. But it's also important to get your employees on board."
"Impact is also that people don't prick papers from the street anymore."
"If the product is good, the impact will follow later. We say: our cof-fee is the most important thing, then our target group. We want to be honest about that. (...) But I also want to show that with this approach, you can create social impact."