Yes, the cake must be baked before it can be divided. But I mainly focus on making the cake bigger so that there is also more to divide.

"You can dream of distributing all the wealth in the world, but if you haven't created it first, you can't."
"To be honest, money is also very empowering. As long as we make sure it happens in a transparent way, I don't see so many problems. (...) I don't think subsidies are that transparent either. There you are in an agenda as well. I even think it's sometimes more transparent when you work with brands because they see a market value in your project."
Shirin Mirachor
"Yes, a company is there to make money. But on top of that, you can also choose to have an impact on your ecosystem. It's a way to change the system from the in-side."
"The big problem with companies but also with people is that we think from a shortage. There doesn't need to be a shortage if we can all make the pie bigger."