"If I can give one piece of good advice that I myself followed far too late, it is that a business leader must take care of his life. You have to be in shape or have sufficient energy. These projects give a lot of energy but also require a lot of energy."
"The pitfall is that you stop believing that there are solutions. There are always solutions."

Nothing belongs to me alone. By sharing we all benefit and we discover new opportunities.

"If it is not in your company's genes to be inclusive, first make sure your workplace is safe. (...) Frame what you are doing well. Why you did not hire Rudy but some-one who does not eat during the day for a month a year."
"Positive criticism. Questioning everything but always positive. I don't like neg-ativism. (...) See every problem as an opportunity."
"Trust. I work on the basis of 100% trust. That applies to people who work for me, but also to people who come and ask me something."
"Don't try to fill up your whole company right away, but build it up slowly. Take on one or two of those guys first."