10 ways to become an entrepreneur as catalyst for an inclusive society

Find solutions that generate impact

I want to see results when I take action. I also want that if I am socially involved. I look for opportunities that make things change/move.

Think big, start small and go fast

I am ambitious but also sober enough to avoid failure. That is why starting small is also good, but I do strive for action and results.

Connect with the region and embed locally

I look at the world, but start from the challenges and opportunities in my region.

Start from the needs of the target group

I am guided by the basic principles of marketing. I develop actions for which there is a need and which have no or insufficient solutions.

Involve economic players and be one yourself

I don’t think everything should be solved by the government. That is why I appeal to my network to work together in an entrepreneurial way towards an inclusive society.

Connect networks and create new alliances

I step out of my familiar comfort zone and start looking for new partners. This increases my chance of success. I look for unexpected supporters, also outside my familiar world.

Bake more pie

Yes, the cake must be baked before it can be divided. But I mainly focus on making the cake bigger so that there is also more to divide.

Create more values

I am an entrepreneur and I am part of society. That is why it is my job to actively participate in society and to use my talent to create more value.

Change the world but keep your good spirit,

Life should also be fun. I enjoy my business and want to share this pleasure with others.

Avoid pitfalls

Nothing belongs to me alone. By sharing we all benefit and we discover new opportunities.